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Through thick and thin· Grateful to you· Don’t forget your heart Go ahead!

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Through thick and thin·Grateful to you·Don’t forget your heart Go ahead!

The philosophy of our company is to support environmental protection and return to nature.

Make our company's wooden watches into works of art,

It is not only a fully functional green wooden watch,

Is also a personalized art ornament

In the midst of busy work,

The Ministry of Foreign Trade went to Luofu Mountain in the "Lingnan First Mountain" for a group building last weekend.

Stop and release the pressure.

Feel the breath of nature and promote team spirit in the group building.
Ready to go... The group started!
Start release natural mode~
Look back together
Warm-up exercise - step on the balloon,
Using individual or collective confrontation,
Develop the flexibility of the player.
Don't underestimate this game,
Not serious and fun,
The next person to be punished may be you!

After the game, the hungry stomach has long been unable to hold back.
You must use hardworking hands to enjoy food.
Men and women can work together to make delicious food.
Female colleagues are responsible for killing chickens and fish, and male colleagues are responsible for spreading the spoons.
The cooking division is arranged!
After a wonderful performance by the beautiful fairies and confident chefs,
A full-fledged and full-fledged Manchu table is on the table!
Fragrance is overflowing...

Want Want is already drooling!

Eat and drink enough to digest!

After the meal, we went to the top of the mountain to visit the famous Huanglongguan.

Sitting on the ropeway

The group building was happily coming to an end in such an environment.

I hope everyone remembers the warmth of the game that was originally held in hand.

In the future work, we can also go hand in hand.

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